Testimonials for Marlene R. Pereira

Marlene Pereira is a great professional. I always recommend her. She did a wonderful job. Great attention to details. Overall above excellent service.

Isabel Ramos Quinones  September 16, 2017  Miami

Working with Marlene Pereira was like working with a close family friend. I didn't know anything about Miami before moving in to teach at Florida International University. Marlene exemplifies caring professionalism: every step of the process Marlene guided me carefully to the home that suited me best. If anyone I know needs to move to Miami, I would tell them to contact Marlene first.

Michael Grafals  August 14, 2017  Miami, FL

When we recently moved from Wisconsin to Florida, a colleague referred us to Marlene Pereira. From the start, she was very knowledgeable. She explained that she's lived in Miami most of her life, so she is very familiar with all of the areas and neighborhoods. She worked with us from a distance by email, phone, and text message, and when we came to town for the one weekend we had to search for a new home, she looks at dozens of properties with us in a very short period of time. We both greatly appreciated her honesty, awareness, and work ethic. Marlene will stick with your property purchase or rental until everything is right. In our own case, the property we chose to rent was new construction. The management company for the owner was difficult to deal with, and Marlene made sure every step of the way that the paperwork was completed, that we understood what was happening, and that the management company did what they were supposed to. It was clear to us both that Marlene cares that her clients not only find a home that meets their needs but also that they are protected throughout the process from legal pitfalls, paperwork confusion, and even city or county offices difficulties (like registering for water on a new construction). Next time we need to move, we will call Marlene to begin the process. She's friendly, incredibly patient, and you'll value her forthright and trustworthy nature in an area the size of Miami/Dade and Broward Counties. Thanks, Marlene!

Amy H.  August 8, 2017  Miramar

Quiero destacar la gran profesionalidad de Marlene Pereira. Desde el primer momento Marlene estuvo muy comprometida y me ayudó en todas las gestiones, involucrándose completamente.
Durante todo el proceso, Marlene tuvo plena disponibilidad para atenderme en todo momento y acelerar dicho proceso el máximo posible.
Marlene tiene un gran conocimiento de la ciudad y del negocio y eso hace que optimice mucho el tiempo y el proceso se acelere.
Estoy muy satisfecho con su trabajo realizado y con el apartamento que he alquilado.

Pablo Blanco  August 4, 2017  Miami

Marlene Pereira es una gran profesional. Confiar en ella para solventar la difícil tarea de encontrar vivienda en Miami ha sido un acierto. Tranquilidad, seriedad, y rapidez en la gestión. 100% recomendable.

Elisabeth  June 4, 2017  Miami

I just found a wonderful house in Coral Gables. My Realtor, Marlene Pereira, has been extremely helpful. Finding a house in Miami is not an easy thing.
Marlene is a hard worker and super professional woman. She is very serious and knows the real estate business.

Genoveva Begona  April 30, 2017  Coral Gables - Miami

Marlene Pereira did an excellent and professional job for us. She helped with the search, house selection, and all the paperwork before and after. If you look for a Realtor that works for you and for your needs,...Marlene is the one!! She will do like if it were for herself. I recommend her 110%. Thanks.

AGUSTIN ROMO DOMINGUEZ  April 11, 2017  Miami

I never had to look for an apartment before until my previous landlord told me I had to move within 2 months. I looked for single bedroom apartments and studios on my own the first month without success. I had only one month to move when I contacted Marlene Pereira. Since it was my first time working with a Realtor, she explained clearly how things work and how to use a portal she provides to find homes that meet my criteria (type, price and location) . Besides teaching me how to use the portal, Marlene proactively searched for places and let me know when something was found. She was very flexible with my work schedule when visiting places for evaluation (she arranged the visits with the owners). When we choose an apartment after visiting 8 different apartments, she submitted the offer. I got approved and a signed contract by the owner, then the final inspection of the place happened and Marlene was there making sure everything was working. After the deal closed she handled me a copy of all the documents. We were able to move within one month. I definitely recommend Marlene.

Ernesto Rodriguez  March 22, 2017  Miami

Marlene Pereira provides an excellent service, she is very knowledgeable and professional. She is very patient and works hard to ensure you get what you are looking for, and once you find that place, she works with an excellent team of professionals to assist you in getting things done and fast!
I would recommend her 100%

Alejandro Revilla  February 5, 2017  Miami, FL

Gracias a esta empresa y en especial a Marlene Pereira por hacer tan sencilla la compra de nuestra nueva casa, gracias a ella tanto la búsqueda de la casa como la negociación para la compra, fue rápida y sin complicaciones, nos fue asesorando paso a paso y siempre a nuestra disposición para resolver cada duda que nos surgía, todos sus consejos fueron de gran ayuda, y velo por nuestros intereses en cada momento. 100% profesional del sector inmobiliario. Volveríamos a contar con ella sin dudarlo.

Sara Llera  January 13, 2017  Miami

Doy 5 estrellas a Marlene Pereira por su trabajo porque es el máximo que me permite la votación. Sino le diera toda una constelación!
La tranquilidad que nos da poner en manos de Marlene la búsqueda de nuestra casa, y todos los trámites que le siguen, no tiene precio.
Es ya la segunda vez que nos ayuda a encontrar casa, y es siempre una maravilla!
Una persona estupenda, gentil y muy preparada. Una garantía de éxito asegurado!

Tamara  December 26, 2016  Coral Gables

Marlene Pereira is such a great professional. She is the person you want at your side when you are looking to rent, buy, or sell. Attention to detail and commitment, Marlene will be my Realtor for years to come.

Alejandro Hernandez  December 1, 2016  Sunny Isles

Marlene Pereira, recomendada por mi primo Gesbis para que me ayudara en la busqueda de renta. Considero a Marlene una persona muy responsable, puntual, con gran dedicacion y preocupacion por satisfacer las necesidades y soliciudes de sus clientes, atendiendolos de forma muy amable y amistosa. Con gran experiencia y muy buen dominio de su trabajo como Realtor. Desde que la contacte, me facilito las herramientas necesarias para la busqueda de las rentas en el area que yo deseaba, y puso todo su empeño desde un principio en ayudarme a encontrar la vivienda; a rentar en el menor plazo posible y gracias a su ayuda hoy me encuentro viviendo en la renta que me busco y en el area que yo realmente deseaba. Con mi buena experiencia sobre lo bien que realizo su trabajo, la he considerado como mi agente inmobiliario, para la busqueda de futuras rentas, o para la compra de una vivienda cuando este en condiciones de hacerlo. Ya que con su ayuda logre alcanzar mi objetivo en un período de tiempo relativamente corto, por lo que le recomiendo sus servicios a todos los que como yo en momento determinado necesiten buscar rentas o comprar viviendas, o cualquier otro servicio de los que prestan los Realtors, Gracias.


We came to US from Spain and hotels were quite expensive. Marlene found us an apartment before we arrived. That helped us a lot to save money and we avoided a lot of problems. Besides, she was really hard-working, professional and kind, and she does not just found a house for us, but she also helped us to start living in Miami with good advices.

Alba  September 14, 2016  Miami-Dade

After several efforts of my husband and I trying to buy a home for our family, we were a bit disheartened and not sure what direction to take. “Marlene, you are a true professional and our Angel!". This entire experience can be so overwhelming and you walked us through every step of the way to buy our home. Every detail was taken care of professionally and completely. It is a challenge to be concise in describing all Marlene has done for our family. You were so attentive to my needs, to my concerns, very patient and always available when I had a question. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in the future looking to buy a home. Thank you so much!

Lucia & Yunior Molina  August 16, 2016  Miami, FL

I have only positive things to tell about our experience of buying a house in Florida with the help of Marlene Pereira. She understood our needs and specific requirements for the property we wanted to buy. Marlene went along with us on a "marathon" of house visits and once we down selected the few ones that met our criteria, she was actively involved from the proposal till after the closing signature; many times going above and beyond of what was expected from her. If we ever have to buy/sell any property again in the Miami area, she's definitely the one who will take care of that!

Loi Caprara  June 8, 2016  Doral, FL

Sin la ayuda y dedicacion de Marlene Pereira nunca habriamos logrado encontrar el apartamento justo. Ella ha ido mas alla de la profesionalidad y nos ha brindado todo su tiempo y ayuda.
Seguramente cuando necesitemos cambiar apartamento la buscaremos porque es una tranquilidad estar en sus manos.
Es una persona muy competente y dedicada. La recomendamos al 100%

Tamara Broche  May 4, 2016  Sunny Isles

Profesionales, con seriedad y eficiencia. Atentos a proteger los intereses de los clientes.

Fidel A. Hernandez  April 21, 2016  Sunny Isles, Miami

Soy una clienta super feliz y agradecida por haber estado en las manos de la Realtor "Marlene R. Pereira". Quien a parte de reunir todas las condiciones que conlleva ser un Realtor (puntualidad, formal, eficaz etc ...) tiene un tacto y delicadeza únicos, lo que hace que más que una Realtor es una persona que ve más allá de tus necesidades y busca la mejor opción para tu elección. Siempre positiva y con una sonrisa admirable.

Vilma Muntaner  February 15, 2016  Miami Beach

Very happy and thankful for the great effort and commitment from Marlene Pereira. She was very helpful and professional with the process. A million thanks for the service and assistance during my search and my closing process.

Luis Triminio  February 6, 2016  MIAMI

When buying your first home you are like a new-born child, unaware and with much to learn! As a new-born, you cannot choose your mother but you can choose your Realtor! The fact you are here means you have taken your first steps in the right direction. Marlene Pereira works by high-standards and by high-standards only. My fiance and I are glad to have found such a good mother, I mean... Realtor. Here is my take on why she is the best person I have found to assist with the purchase of a home:

1. Flexibility. She is able to answer ALL your questions in a prompt manner and with exaggerated detail! As soon as a showing is available she will have your appointment ready. Yes, I am still impressed at her work.
2. Knowledge. Being realistic when purchasing is vital. Marlene is up to date on the latest legislative changes that pertain to home buyers. She can sniff a bad deal before you make a costly mistake. She has been in the business for about 12 years, I believe. She has connections and with lenders, inspectors and everyone involved in the purchase process until you are inside your new, shiny home.
3. Transparency. Marlene will give you all the details, good and bad (which is a GREAT thing). She does not hide the process from you, nor does she pretend buying a home is an easy decision. She wants you to know the details so you can get the best "bang for your buck" while at the same time streamlining and making the purchase as comfortable a ride as it will allow.

I cannot say enough great things about her work because there are, simply, too many. Trust me, I'm writing this from our new home, a first time single-home buyer with FHA. In conclusion, before you feel the warmth of a wet diaper for a deal, give your new mother and guide Marlene Pereira a call at: 786 218-2323.

Carlos Arteaga & Dianne Corzo  February 3, 2016  Pembroke Pines, FL

Es una tranquilidad trabajar con Marlene, sabiendo que encontrarás lo que estas buscando. Marlene no es la típica Realtor que parece que se va a comer el mundo, no. Su saber transmite seguridad y profesionalidad. Con sus consejos y recomendaciones se ve todo mucho más fácil a la hora de escoger algo tan importante como es una vivienda. Es la segunda vez que cuento con sus servicios, y lo seguiré haciendo en un futuro. Gracias, Marlene, por poner tu tiempo y tu experiencia a nuestro servicio.

Arodys  January 30, 2016  Miami

Marlene fue muy atenta antes y despues de concretar la operación. Muy recomendable.

Marcelo Strano  November 13, 2015  Miami Beach

Marlene nos ha ayudado desde el primer momento en que contactamos y estamos muy contentos con la casa. Rapidez y seriedad.

Idaira  September 27, 2015  miami beach

Muy contentos con la ayuda, con la casa y la rapidez para encontrarla. Quiero decir que todo ha sido posible gracias a la atencion y ayuda de Marlene, es la mejor Realtor que pudimos haber encontrado, todo muy facil gracias a ella.

Cristian  September 27, 2015  Miami beach

Marlene, my Realtor has been very effective and quick.

Silvia Pantoja  August 30, 2015  Miami, FL

El trabajo de Marlene fue muy profesional, entendió a la perfección nuestras necesidades, y en un par de días nos encontró el apartamento ideal para nosotros, nos asesoro en todo los pasos y con toda la documentación, y nos hizo que fuera muy fácil el mudarnos a Miami. En nuestras próximas gestiones inmobiliarias contaremos con ella seguro, la recomiendo al 100%, una estupenda profesional.

Sara llera  August 20, 2015  Miami

Very good professional. The best I know. Highly recommended.
Her primary goal is help to the customer.
She is hard worker, detail-oriented and understands customers needs.

Muy recomendable. La mejor profesional que he conocido.
Trabajadora, detallista y centrada en las necesidades del cliente.

Francisco  August 18, 2015  Miami

Marlene is EXCEPTIONAL! She is knowledgeable, energetic, creative, accommodating and a master at problem solving. She started as the listing agent for the sale of my house (which sold in under 10 days) and later became the realtor who found the house I ultimately chose to buy. We went out to see 6 houses one day and found the one that same day! The closing on the house I bought had many obstacles that required creative solutions and she enlisted all the parties involved to cooperate and ultimately resolve the issues. I believe she is an asset to anyone who requires her services.

Dorsey Nicholas  November 24, 2014  Deerfield Beach

Marlene, thank you for all of your help! Because of your kindness, patience, and professionalism, I was able to find a great apartment :)

Rhona Trauvitch  August 19, 2014  Little Havana

Working with Marlene has been a nice experience. She is very professional, organized, and methodical. Her customer service is excellent. I highly recommend Marlene without any doubt for any real estate service.

Franz Gottschalk  June 15, 2014  Miami

I've worked with some realtors but for sure Marlene is the best one. She is a person that you can trust. She understands what you want and execute. She is always available even after everything is done. I really recommend her.

Marli Oliveira  June 15, 2014  Miami

Excelente el servicio de Marlene.

Joaquín Rancier  May 7, 2014  Rep. Dominicana